Rules and Template

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Rules and Template

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- No Cursing/Swearing (Please lets keep this kid-friendly)
- Please no mentioning of your real:
Location (Keep it to like, State or ex. Northern TX, Otherwise, I would not encourage the listing of your real information)
- Please be professional no
Ex. Elizabeth Youngwood is NOT allowed in this club because she's mean
i really like this club can i please join plzz

Club Template
Feel free to edit this template as needed but I recommend this as a neat format

Club Name:
Club Type: (Ex. Roleplay, Equestrian Team, Club Club etc.)
How long has your club been alive:
How many members:
Your Goal of Members:
Any Extra Info:

Remember, Your Club is Your Own, the template not that detailed because you are the only one who knows exactly what your club is about

Role Template
Please post to the according type of role

Name of Role:
Type of Role: (Rider, Riding Academy, Wild etc.)
Set Roles: (If any)
Horse needed: (If any)
Minimum Role Age:
Role Story:
What time:
- Day of the week
- Time
- Time Zone (Importent!!)
Sign Up Role Form:


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