Lindsey in the Cold

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Lindsey in the Cold

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Lindsey in the Cold

A Bridlebow Studios Production Bridlebow Productions

Lindsey Parker has always dreamed of riding horses, she lived a peaceful life for 10 years with her parents in Jorvik, where she owned a stunning mare by the name of Scarlet, boarded at Jorvik Stables. One dreadful day, Lindsey got the call that her parents were in a car accident. Her heart sunk for the longest time, she had to give Scarlet to the stables and was forced to move in with her grandma, Elsa Einstein. Unlike Lindsey, her Grandma had a passion for science, and soon Lindsey found herself trotting around a cold barren wasteland of snow, horses hundreds of miles away. It was like this for quite some time, 3 years went by, all Lindsey could do was play in the endless snow and go to school in Valedale, where the adorable chincoteague ponies skittered about on the dunes of the beach next to the waterfall.
One day it changed.
A girl by the name of Rachel comes to the Valley. She introduces herself as Rachel Silverstein, the niece of Nic Stoneground. She invites Lindsey to come see her new horse, Kaya. Amazed by how fancy, cozy and wealthy Rachel lived, she soon revived the need of a horse. Months after watching Rachel gallop and jump on Kaya, Lindsey finally got her wish. A girl recently got out of horses, the thought pondered in Lindsey's mind.
Claire took in the white pony, and after months of no success in selling it, Lindsey was finally able to free lease the small white chincoteague pony Sparkle. A Little shaky in the saddle, Lindsey finds her riding abilities again and soon gallops with Rachel along the Icy lake. One day though, Claire finds a full buyer for Sparkle, a small girl wants her own pony for Pony Club events. A final ride brings Rachel and Lindsey to a mysterious tribe, offering Lindsey a stunning Fjord named Angel. Of course Lindsey took the horse, promising to come back after returning Sparkle.

Roles available:

Rachel Silverstein
Blonde hair
Super rich
Owns horse named Kaya

Blonde hair style
Must own atleast one:
Liver Chestnut Andalusion
Golden Selle Francais
Orange/Light Skin Colored Morgan

To play to role of Kaya or Kalypsa, Rachel's horse.

Emma Hail
Any Hair
Horse Trainer
Owns horse named Sparkplug

Courtney Dallas
Any hair
Mean Girl/Captain of the Silverglade Equestrian Team
Owns horse named Fay or Fay's Strucker

Vicky Goldspur
Any Hair
Mean Girls BFF/Captain of the Silverglade Equestrian Team
Owns horse named Lace or Ladies Lace

We'll work on it 6 PM EST to 10 PM EST Hopefully Daily
We will be working with Voice instead of Subtitles
Hosted on Night Star

Points of Contact:
Mail on Night Star Server (Elizabeth Youngwood)
Contact via Forums
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